Sports Injuries

This section is recommended for any individual who is taking part in high intensity sport.

Treatments for Sports Injuries Sutton

Sports Injuries | Osteopath Sutton

Your osteopath’s approach is based on principles of movement, principles of real life, and principles of the sport at hand. Osteopaths are trained to understand the biomechanics of human movement and therefore our therapy targets the specific areas of need that will assist in the most authentic, real-life, and quickest recovery of players back to their sport.

From tennis elbow to Achilles tendon damage, your osteopath can diagnose, treat and rehabilitate a wide array of common sports injuries. Remember- osteopathy isn’t just for backs- our therapists are trained to a high standard for all musculo-skeletal complaints. Treatment is tailored to every individual to ensure that the fastest resolution to your problem is met.

There are many types of sporting injuries that can be treated by your osteopath.

These include:

  • Shoulder injuries– such as rotator cuff tears and tendonitis- common in swimmers
  • Tennis elbow– inflammation of the extensor muscle tendons in the forearm
  • Golfers elbow– inflammation of the flexor muscle tendons in the forearm
  • Repetitive strain injury (RSI)– inflamed tendons from overuse
  • Strained wrist– commonly from a fall on an outstretched hand
  • Spinal pain– often from lifting or landing injuries
  • Rotated Pelvis (Sacro-iliac joint dysfunction)- common in torsional sports such as golf or racquet sports
  • Hip pain– from falls, contact injuries or excessive range of movement
  • Knee pain– ligament injuries are common especially in contact sports, but also degenerative pain in weight-bearing sports like running
  • Ankle joint problems– usually instability injuries causing ligaments to be strained or torn
  • Achilles Tendonitis and heel pain
  • Impact injuries– frequently from contact sports and martial arts.

Treatment: In terms of treatment- we usually combine muscular stretches and massage, medical acupuncture, joint mobilisation and manipulation techniques to tailor a specific regime to your needs, depending on the type of injury.

Your osteopath also may use electro-therapy such as ultra-sound to speed up your recovery.

In most cases we suggest exercises to be carried out between appointments and may work with other therapies to ensure the fastest recovery (e.g. sports massage, physiotherapy, podiatry and acupuncture).

Sports nutrition is fast becoming another area where we are happy to provide advice.

Sports injuries their prevention and rehabilitation

Your osteopath can work with the trainers and coaches to design bespoke rehabilitation programmes based on the science of movement, the anatomy of the human body, and the key areas that need to be kept healthy to prevent injury.

When rehabilitation has been successfully completed, an athlete can feel strong enough to return to sport and the coaches can drive them to ultimate performance.

Programmes will focus on strength & conditioning, dynamic flexibility, and neuromuscular stability in the ranges of joint movement required for your sport. Real rehabilitation looks a lot like your regular exercise.

No magic tricks, quick fixes, or wishful thinking. Just progressive movement and recovery.

It’s about decreasing fear, anxiety, and sensitivity to pain, whilst building strength, tolerance to load, and confidence in your body. Your osteopath will use graded exercise progressions, to ensure that each stage of your rehabilitation is optimal for the current stage of injury, helping you return to sport more quickly and prevent re-injury.

Injuries preventing you from playing and participating in the sports you love can be incredibly frustrating. Your osteopath can offer treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries for all athletes so if you’d like to start your journey to recovery from injury and return to your sport, simply book an appointment. Your osteopath is here to help.

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