Claire Craven and Wallington Osteopaths

The Wallington Osteopathic practice represents the continuum of Osteopathic healthcare in the area for over 35 years.

All the practitioners at Wallington Osteopaths are experienced, General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) registered osteopaths, most of whom are actively involved in teaching osteopathy to undergraduate students in one or more of the Osteopathic Education Institutions.

General Osteopathy Council

We regulate the practice of osteopathy in the United Kingdom. By law osteopaths must be registered with us in order to practise.

We work with the public and osteopathic profession to promote patient safety by registering qualified professionals, and setting, maintaining and developing standards of osteopathic practice and conduct.

British Osteopathy Association

The BOA is a merger of the three professional bodies representing osteopaths and was formed in 1998. The roots of the three founder member organisations are deep.

The BOA provides a series of exercise videos to help you keep a healthy spine.

The British School of Osteopathy

The BSO is the largest and the oldest osteopathic school in the UK, founded in 1917 to provide undergraduate and postgraduate osteopathy training. We are respected throughout the world for providing excellence in health care, education and research.

Claire Craven is a consultant instructor at the BSO.

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