On the first visit to an osteopath, a full case history will be taken, followed by a full physical assessment and examination in order to determine to correct diagnosis and treatment or referral procedure. Treatment is begun once the assessment has been completed and it has been ascertained that osteopathic treatment is appropriate.

In order to make an accurate postural and mechanical assessment, it may be necessary to remove some clothing, underwear being left on at all times. If you feel uncomfortable about this, please feel free to wear or bring along some shorts and a vest to change in to. Assessing and treating fully clothed is possible but limits the osteopaths’ ability to assess and treat.

Careful case history taking, assessment and examination will help the osteopath determine how much pain you are in and therefore how to adapt treatment to your particular problem. Treatment should not be painful, however, it is common for symptoms to take 1-2 days to improve, and for soreness to be felt after treatment. This is a normal part of the healing process.

In most cases, within a couple of visits, your symptoms should be under control and at a manageable level. Some patients require further visits to restore mobility and function to a normal level. Your osteopath will explain what he or she feels the problem is and give you some idea of how long and how many treatments are likely to be required to treat your condition. Occasionally, ‘maintenance’ treatments may be suggested in order to keep the original problem at bay. Often, exercises are prescribed and lifestyle advice given, in order to maintain improvements in symptoms and prevent their reoccurrence. If the patient is successfully compliant with the exercises and advice, improvements should be faster and longer lived.

Yes. You may have to check with your provider as to the correct referral procedure, but Claire is registered with most major health insurance companies. You may need to quote the following provider numbers when contacting your insurance company:

BUPA: 30010129

Claire’s surgery is located at 25 Salisbury Avenue , Sutton, Surrey SM1 2DH.  You can call Claire during working hours on 0208 643 9184.  If she is unable to reply then please leave a message.

If you would like Claire to call you regarding an appointment, or if you have any questions regarding her services, then please submit your details on our How to Book page.

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